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144MHz Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring

144MHz Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring


The 144 MHz Cubit also known as Royal or Sacred Cubit originally came from King's Chamber of Great Pyramid.

It is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic. The energy generated by the Tensor ring is said to heal all life on earth. It is an electromagnetic field neutralizing superconductor (EMF). Brings peace and stability to chaos and very easily stabilizes the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body. It has also been utilized for effective environmental clearing and amplifying intentions.

The resonant frequency of Sacred or Royal Cubit is about 144,000 Hz which is viewed to be the harmonic of the light's speed. This is also considered by some to be a cosmic frequency antenna.

Tensor Rings are Energy Tools working in harmony with the Physical aspects of existence.

The Sacred Cubit frequency works on all Physical aspects on Earth in turn it may help to materialize ideas / manifestation.

May help support:

Bring Coherence // Calm, Collected, Stable energy

Accelerate healing

Environmental Clearing

EMF protection (can be placed on phones/laptops/rooters)

Can be worn as jewellery ~ ring / pendant

Made from Copper : ruled by Venus ~ Heart Chakra / Divine Feminine. Super conductive, cleans & harmonises energy on earth

Tensor Rings have a profound effect on the molecular structure of water and the energy components of water, increasing water energy and living biology. Humans are said to be more than 99% water on molecular level.

Tensor rings have been used to increase plant growth and vitality. They were traditionally used to reduce pain and inflammation and to accelerate healing. However, there are no health claims, but if the rings "organize space" (form coherence) within their energy column, this would explain their ability to reduce inflammation and their ability to improve the therapeutic response.

An energy column appears that organizes the space inside. This energy flows from the center of the ring in a straight line in both directions. No

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